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AVEN Games was conceptualized in 2014 and is currently the one and only video game development studio in the southwest Florida region. AVEN Games is fueled by its love for memorable entertainment, intuitive technology, and compelling stories. Our talented team works hard to bring the AVEN Games vision to life by creating memorable, one-of-a-kind premier entertainment experiences. At AVEN Games, creativity, innovation, and teamwork are paramount.
Together, we know that: "the best is yet to be."


Who We Are

AVEN Games is a brand new video game development studio start-up company in southwest Florida. The four-pillars of AVEN Games are to combine compelling stories, beautiful art, intuitive gameplay, and quality technology together for the creation and culmination of valuable, memorable user experiences. We are innovators, creators, story-tellers, and game-makers. Founder, Mr. Zachary Hanitz, conceptualized AVEN Games in 2014 during his time at nearby Florida Gulf Coast University and has been growing the AVEN Games brand, vision, and game projects ever since. AVEN Games has 4 video game franchise projects in active development.
Absolute Virtue Entertainment, AVEN Games: "the best is yet to be."
Dream. Believe. Soar. Achieve. Succeed. Repeat.

Robots with Guns


Current AVEN Games Projects

Game Face

Manifest Destiny

Manifest Destiny, our very first project, originally began as fan-fiction for another popular and highly-successful similar franchise of its kind back in 2009. Manifest Destiny is an action-packed, squad/team-focused military science-fiction first-person shooter series of its very own. From sea to shining sea; and, now, from the Sun to the stars. Beyond Earth, and beyond Sol, where will your Manifest Destiny take you? Read on to learn more about this outer-space epic and our other game franchise projects.

Futuristic Robot


Providence, one of our earliest projects, is a medieval high-fantasy role-playing game series that aims to be our most successful and popular franchise. Providence incorporates many themes, tropes, and elements that have become major fantasy RPG pillars. Beyond role-playing, action, adventure, and strategy, we encourage all gamers to learn more about the Providence series to truly enjoy the full AVEN Games experience. When you can no longer protect yourself, who will protect you?

Futuristic World

Dead State

Dead State, one of our newest projects, and the third to complete our project-triumvirate, is a mystery action-adventure survival-horror series that takes place in a dystopian post-apocalyptic near future where players must rise against the infectious tide, fight to survive, and conquer an ever-growing biological threat. Don't become another Dead State. Life is just a heartbeat away!



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